Lonely Smiles Productions is the advertising and music production department of Soundteam, offering high-quality, professional sound design and music production tailored to your needs. Our production is completely customized, and we guarantee the best possible outcome for our clients. Our production studio is run by producer/sound engineer Esko Soinne, who has years of experience in commercial and artistic sound.

You can listen to a few recent reference tracks below.

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Client: Teosto – Campaign: Music for social media ads 2024 – Chill/Jazzy
Client: Teosto – Campaign: Music for social media ads 2024 – Classical
Client: Teosto – Campaign: Music for social media ads 2024 – Youthful
Client: Posti – Campaign: 2023 Second Hand Syyskuu – Radio version
Client: Fast & Mieli Ry – 2023 Mieli mukana liikkeessä – Film sync music
Client: Miltton / Campaign: ED Energydrink E-Sports CSGO 2022
Client: Miltton/City of Helsinki/ Campaign: Mehut Loppu (against domestic violence)
Client: HundrED / Campaign: HundrED Innovation Summit 2021 theme music
Client: Fast / Campaign: Mint Choco Proteinbar (holiday version)
Client: KIDS Agency/ Finnish National Agency for Education/ SYK / Campaign: Lukki kielitaitoinen
Client: Fast/ Mieli ry / Campaign: Partnership announcement

You can get the perfect soundscapes tailored to your needs from us, whether it’s for social media, radio, television, or other advertisements or applications. We execute all kinds of projects, from small advertising campaigns to large brand experiences.

We also provide Voice Overs, audio branding, sound post-production, and everything else necessary to make your project exactly the way you envision it. We always collaborate with our clients wholeheartedly and professionally to ensure that the end result matches your imagination.

Lonely Smiles Productions takes pride in the fact that many of our clients have returned to us repeatedly, and many of our collaborations have led to long-term and ongoing partnerships. This demonstrates the quality of our service, speed, and customer satisfaction, which are our top priorities. We strive to create memorable experiences for our clients that elicit positive reactions. Whether it’s a big or small project, we take it equally seriously.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable and high-quality production company for your company’s advertising music, Lonely Smiles Productions is the right choice for you. Why settle for royalty-free music when you can have a fully customized and unique soundscape that sets you apart from the competition? Get in touch, and let’s start our collaboration today!